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D.O.G.S. Lab

Project Type: Final project for EECS 290 (Intro to Computer Game Design and Implementation)

Date: Spring 2019

My Role: Programmer, gameplay designer, level designer.

Genre: Stealth puzzle-platformer


Full Playthrough

DOGS Lab is a 2.5D side-scrolling stealth puzzle-platformer where the player controls a mysterious monster from another dimension that scientists have brought into our world by containing it within the body of a small dachshund. This creature is able to freely shift back and forth between being a small dog in the regular world and being its true form in its home dimension, which is a dangerous and shadowy mirror of the regular world. The player must take full advantage of this ability in order to solve physics puzzles, complete platforming challenges, and sneak past scientists and security cameras in order to escape the research lab.

My Contributions

Level 2 (above) is the level I designed. The player starts as small dog in the very small hallway on the left and has to go through two stealth-based rooms in the light world to make it to the central area (red circle). This level has a unique mechanic where, when the player stacks three crates (purple/yellow dots) on that central floor, the floor collapses and they can proceed. This lets the player approach the next challenges in the order they choose - there's a stealth challenge up top and a platforming challenge to the right.

DOGS swinging.gif

Grappling hook:

  • This was a fun tool for level/puzzle design since it's both a mobility tool and a way to interact with objects. Building up speed by chaining swings also feels pretty fun.
  • However, it did make it harder to make challenging platforming sequences. Lots of strategic shadow placement was necessary, since the shadow objects block the hook.

Dimension switching overiew:

  • The player can switch between the monster's home dimension and the "real" world.

  • The monster is in its true form in the dark world and can use its grappling hook ability, but there are also many dangerous shadows where even more terrible monsters lurk.

  • In the light world, the monster is trapped in the body of a regular dog and has to sneak past the guards to escape. The light world also has switches that will turn on lights in both worlds, which can banish the dangerous shadows from the dark world.


Full Credits

  • Dylan Briggs

  • Jackson Nelson-Gal

  • Katie Ohlson

  • Zachary Perlo

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