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Modular Mayhem

Project Type: Entry for Ludum Dare 45

Date: October 4-7 2019

My Role: Made everything but the music and sounds.

Genre: Asteroids-style space shooter


Gameplay Demo

(Note: after getting feedback, I added the option to lock the camera orientation. Free rotation like this gives a better spacey feeling though IMO)

More Details

The Modules system was the key mechanic for this concept:

  • The camera tracks the "core" module.

  • Modules have attachment points on the sides where they can attach. When a free-floating module runs into an open attachment point on a module that is connected to the core, it will get connected and become controllable.

  • When a module is disconnected from the ship, any modules that are reliant on it are also released.

  • The player can choose to eject modules by clicking on them. They will also be ejected if an asteroid collides with them.


  • Laser Turret

  • Missile Turret

  • Boosters

  • Radar (places dots in a circle around the core. Red dots indicate asteroids, green ones indicate modules)

  • Compass (points towards the mothership)

  • Brakes (brakes are not included by default!)

The system works pretty well for something made in only a few hours, and I think the possibilities for using it to customize your ship and having to adapt to having chunks of modules knocked off could make for very interesting gameplay. If I'd had more time, I would have definitely tried to add more modules (other ideas: directional shield projectors, module magnets, manipulator arms...)

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