Mr. Wobbles

Project Type: Concept for a Nintendo Switch game.

Date: Summer 2018

My Role: This one's all me

Backround: I thought that this was a clever use for the Switch's Joy-Con controllers, so I put together a little demo for it. However, without a Switch devkit, I had to stop development.

Mechanics Explanation
Gameplay Trailer

(Note: since I couldn't use real Joy-Cons, all the limb rotations were mapped to my keyboard! It was hard)

More Details

Getting the movement physics to work at all was very tricky. The mass of the feet is increased significantly when the player is trying to stand upright with the legs to make them "stick" to the ground. This is determined by the orientation of the Joy-Cons and whether the feet are touching the ground. When the system thinks that the player should be standing upright, then it also adds upwards force to the head to pull the body up.

This worked well enough so that it's possible to make the character walk in an intended direction. For the demo video above, each room's footage was actually filmed in a single take. The system works!

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