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 Devin Ohlson

Designer and Developer.

Double majoring in Computer Science & Psychology at CWRU, graduating Spring 2020.

Things I Made

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For Class

For Science

For Fun

Sweet Dreams Logo.png

Fight to maintain the balance of a perfect night's sleep in this top-down action roguelite.

DOGS thumbnail.png

Swap between dimensions (and bodies) to escape from the scientists who brought you into this world.

Phobias thumbnail.png

A program to test the efficacy of AR and VR in providing exposure therapy for animal phobias.

Grocery thumbnail.png

A VR grocery store environment designed to facilitate behavioral research on food selection behaviors.


After a routine space delivery goes awry, your ship is left adrift with no weapons, no engines, and no hope.

Wobbles thumbnail.png

A concept for a Nintendo Switch game in which Joy-Con rotation is mapped to a each limb of a character.