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 Katie Ohlson

Unity Developer at Sonalysts, Inc. since 2021

CWRU Class of 2020, graduated cum laude

Double major in Computer Science & Psychology

Minors in AI & Computer Gaming

Highlighted Projects

Some projects I've worked on. Click any of them to see more!

You can also read my full resume or find more on my

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Sonalysts, Inc. 2021-2024

Orbital mechanics sim designed to teach players the fundamentals of piloting satellites.


CWRU Virtual Worlds Lab, 2018-2020

Comparing the efficacy of using AR, VR, and traditional displays to provide exposure therapy.


CWRU Senior Project, Spring 2020

An atmospheric first-person puzzle game based around scale. Originally meant for VR.

DOGS thumbnail.png

Intro Game Design Class, Spring 2019

3D sidescroller where you switch between two overlapping dimensions to solve puzzles and sneak past enemies.

Sweet Dreams Logo.png

Adv. Game Design class, Fall 2019

A top-down action roguelite where getting hit adjusts your level of sleep and staying balanced is key for victory.

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NIH Internship, Summer 2019

A VR world designed to study patient food-selection behaviors in a controlled but realistic environment.

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